Its The Kids real world learning strategies prepare students with skills necessary for Life, Work and Citizenship in the 21st Century.  We have 25 years experience in school choice, and outstanding student achievement with projects and entrepreneural products, in partnership with business, community organizations, universities, and parents. This includes learning inside and outside of school, in the community, and online using the latest digital tools!

Online workshops and digital guides are available for Real World PROJECTS, Entrepreneural PRODUCTS , Assessment PORTFOLIOS, PARENT Involvement, BUSINESS / UNIVERSITY PARTNERSHIP, and SCHOOL CHOICE!

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Submit your Entrepreneural Product design on a 5 slide powerpoint. Receive a pin anc card deck when you publish on ITK.

Report Community Service to ITK.  Recevie a pin and card deck if it is published!

Share your ECO Projects with ITK.  Great projects receive a certificate, patch and card deck when they are published on this website!

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     (See Education Choice and Partners article published on Linkedin)

The word “choice” has taken on a prominent place in today’s education discussion. This usually refers to a student switching to a different school building or a different location for a better learning opportunity or out of a bad school. This may be from public to private or charter or to different neighborhoods or section of the community. Choice is much more than that. It is the freedom to connect student learning to your community or region and partner with a local business or service organization.  With this collaboration students apply real world skills to a project or develop an entrepreneurial product.  Business partners provice real world content. up-to-date information, technology and career skills, organizational assistance, and facility improvements. Community partners help with service or environmental projects. Parents become actively involved in the learning process.  Universities provide advanced learning and specific content. This learning can take place during the school day, after school, or in the community. These partnership strategies can change the status quo in education. This site is designed to help kids create a project, product or portfolio of work, in partnership with real world organizations. Students or Learning Leaders, who share their information with us, receive a digital patch and certificate for their work.  Starfish pins and a card deck are awarded for outstanding work that is published on this website. Go to CONTACT to submit questions or receive free book: .